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LASER SAFETY • Eyewear • Barriers • Windows • Training

laservision designs and manufactures a comprehensive assortment of custom-made laser safety eyewear that attenuates light using glass, polycarbonate and thin-film technologies. We design laser containment systems—including windows, barriers, curtains and enclosures—tailored to application and environmental requirements. Our solutions cover laser radiation from UV to the far IR.

We provide quality laser safety training to professionals in manufacturing, building/construction, education, research and development, healthcare, the entertainment industries, and more. We also offer laser safety audits and CDRH Compliance Consulting for laser products.

As part of the uvex safety group, we work together with our sister company, laservision Germany, to develop innovative laser safety solutions for customers around the globe. laservision takes particular pride in customer service and the ability to develop custom solutions specific to your requirements. Our Certified Laser Safety Officers are always available to assist our customers worldwide. We are laser safety experts and will continue our leadership in safety products and exceptional customer service.