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Cargille has consistently led in the development and standardization of Immersion Oils for over 50 years. Seven types of Immersion oils with various viscosities and fluorescence levels are now available. Manufacturer of Refractive Index Standards which are used throughout the many laboratory disciplines involving microscopy and/or optics, for example: aerospace, telecommunications, particle identification, geology, testing labs, art conservation etc. A Specialty Optical Liquids catalog is available includes comparative diagrams of glasses and optical liquids. The optical liquids are plotted for refractive index versus dispersion similar to optical glass diagrams provided by optical glass manufacturers.

Cargilles other major catalog includes Data Sheets for Disposable Beakers, Heavy Liquids, Immersion Oils, Refractive Index and Immersion Liquids, Plastic Boxes, Reference Sets, Sample Storage Systems, Micro Slide and Tissue File Boxes and Viscosity Tubes, Stabilur and Cult-Ur tablets for Urinalysis Cargilles major products include: Refractive Index matching Liquids, highly stable Laser Liquids, Immersion Oils, Mounting Media, and Optical Gels. Liquids that closely match the dispersion of either Fused Silica, BK-7 Glass or Acrylic ( PMMA ), ex: matching the materials Refractive Index at multiple wave lengths. Highly precise Master Calibration Liquids, and Brix Calibration Liquids. High Refractive Index Melts, Optical Coupling Liquids, Comminuted Optical Glass Refractive Index Standards & Mineralogical Reference Standards and slides for microscopy, Heavy Liquids and Sink-Float® Standards to determine density of liquids and of non-porous solids, Viscosity Measuring Tubes, graduated Disposable Plastic and Paper Ware for the laboratory, Sample Storage Sets in a wide variety of box sizes cataloged for maximum storage in minimum space, and other scientific and laboratory specialties