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Holo/Or Ltd.

Holo / Or Ltd.

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P.O.Box: 1051
Rehovot, Israel
HOLO/OR Ltd., was founded in 1989 to develop and manufacture diffractive and micro-optical elements for the optics industry. HOLO/OR is located at the Kiryat Weizmann High Tech Industrial Park, next to the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.

Diffractive Optical Design:

- HOLO/OR gained over the last two decades a vast experience in designing and developing diffractive optical elements (DOE).

- Using our in house software and algorithms our designs reach top quality in means of efficiency, uniformity and other required parameters.

- HOLO/OR now holds an extensive multifunctional design database, enabling us to give fast solutions for different applications and customer needs.

- Integrating manufacturing tolerances into the diffractive design enable us to keep simulated quality after manufacturing.

Optical Systems design: In addition to our diffractive design capabilities, HOLO/OR designs both refractive optical systems and systems which combines refractive and diffractive elements.

Special R&D projects and tailored optics: HOLO/OR has a large experience in managing R&D project in different areas and applications including: special diffractive patterns, diffractive eyeglasses, medical applications. Our multidiscipline R&D team is highly qualified to meet any challenge in the field of optics and computer science.

Photolithographic DOE fabrication-Includes mask fabrication and alignment, coating and developing of photo resist, Wet and RIE etching of a variety of materials and measurement capabilities of surface properties and shapes. Know-how is based on long-term experience and experiments with chemical and physical processes, many of which have no theoretical explanation. Know-how includes proprietary optimum parameters and processes that make the etching technology feasible for manufacturing DOE.

Mask Design and Fabrication- This includes translation of the optical design parameters of the DOE to mask design, once the photolithographic process is selected. HOLO/OR's mask design know-how includes proprietary algorithms for optimization of the design, proprietary software compatible with mask fabrication machine software e.g. Postscript, GDSII etc. HOLO/OR has well-established access to leading mask manufacturers that use high-resolution laser plotters and E-beam machines

Optical Measurements - Here we take care of one or more measurement related the parts of your R&D. You will define the measured data of interest to you and we will design and build an effective set-up to measure the data you need, and normally also perform these measurements in house. If you have a clear description how to measure the data you need, we propose to build the set-up in our lab and use our in-house advanced equipment to do accurate and well documented measurements.
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