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We measure the laser beam - PRIMES works on the development of measurement solutions for the complete range of laser technology for 25 years now.

With our products and services we offer laser beam diagnostics for quality assurance in industrial manufacturing, service, error analysis and for research and development. The focus lies on measuring devices for the characterization of CO2-, solid state and diode lasers being used in material processing.
The application of the products covers:
- Power measurement (PowerMonitor, PocketMonitor, CompactPowerMonitor, PowerMeasuringModule)
- Beam profiling of the unfocused beam (BeamMonitor, BeamMonitor-HQ)
- Focus analysis (new FocusMonitor and MicroSpotMonitor)
- Beam propagation analysis (LaserQualityMonitor)

Besides these measuring systems we offer a big variety of laser beam absorbers.
PRIMES also calibrates laser power meters for high power laser applications. This service is not only provided for PRIMES instruments but also available for all types of laser power measurement devices.

PRIMES at Photonics West Jan. 30 - Feb. 01, 2018
Visit us at the German Pavillion in North Hall and learn more about our new devices!