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Cambridge Technology: The Market and Technology Leader in Optical Scanning Solutions

Cambridge Technology, Inc. was founded in 1978 as a supplier and developer of instrumentation products in the field of biomedical research. At that time we set our standards on technology innovation, high quality manufacturing and customer commitment. In striving to bring the highest levels of precision and accuracy to our products, we laid the foundation for the closed loop galvanometer technology that is now our exclusive product focus.

Through our continuing commitment to research and innovation we've developed key patented advances in the technology of galvanometer position detection and actuator designs. These innovations have made it possible for us to introduce products that have raised the bar for accuracy, speed, performance and reliability in scientific and OEM optical scanning solutions. Our engineers work side by side with our customer base to develop product configurations that are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into their specific applications. Our broad range of supporting products, commitment to customer service and continuous product research deliver the guarantee of quality, innovation and trust that our customers have come to expect from Cambridge Technology.

From the first Cambridge Technology product offering - all the way up to our current product line - our commitment to these standards has made us the world leader in galvanometer technology. We pride ourselves in keeping the values that we were built on - values that have allowed us to make our customers successful time and time again.

Cambridge Technology and General Scanning have Merged (click here for the press release)

January, 2009. The market and technology leaders in optical scanning have joined to bring you the best in optical scanning solutions. From components to application-specific scan heads, our combined company offers you unsurpassed scanning technology and the most extensive portfolio of analog and digital scanning solutions available worldwide