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AdlOptica GmbH

AdlOptica GmbH

Phone +49-30-5659-0888-0
Fax +49-30-5659-0888-1
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Contact: Alexander Laskin
Project Manager
Rudower Chaussee 29
Berlin, Germany
AdlOptica GmbH from Berlin, Germany works in field of developing and manufacturing of high efficient versatile Laser Beam Shaping optics piShaper/Focal-piShaper more than 50 models of beam shapers converting radiation of TEMoo and multimode lasers from Gaussian to flattop (or uniform) and other intensity profiles, almost lossless energy re-distribution in spectrum spanning from UV to CO2 laser, laser spots from few microns to meters.
The piShaper find applications in various industrial laser technologies, like scribing, welding, cladding, drilling, micromachining, heat treatment and many others, as well as in science in various techniques of spectroscopy, ablation, laser heating in geophysics, building high power short pulse lasers or irradiating photocathodes of Free Electron Lasers, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, various life science fluorescence techniques.
Other expertise of AdlOptica are laser equipment for printing industries, holography, interferometry, optical system design.


General Manager:

Vadim Laskin +49-30-5659-0888-0

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