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882 Production PI.
Newport Beach, CA 92663
United States of America

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For over 30 years, Coursen Coating Labs has been an industry leader in the optical thin films coating industry. It prides itself as being a "boutique" coating company that works to find the innovative and cost effective way to make our customers products perform better.

In 2009 Navitar Coating Labs Laboratory was acquired by Coursen and changed our name to Coursen Coating Labs, Inc. Coursen is a leading optical manufacturer that sales to OEM customers and dealers world-wide.

Today's manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the performance of their products and differentiate themselves from their competition. Coursen Coating Labs can help your company gain that competitive edge by improving the output characteristics of your optical system.

Coursen Coating Labs produces vacuum deposited and sputtered coatings for UV, visible and IR applications and offers an extensive line of stock and custom coating designs. It produces a wide range of specialty type coated products including coatings for high intensity lamp reflectors, large contrast enhancement protected silver mirrors, and mini mirrors for use in telecommunications. It also produces corrosion resistant gold coatings for use in fiber optics, telecommunications and military applications. In the UV industry, Coursen Coating Labs specialized mirrors and filters and are used to improve the brightness and output of existing UV optical systems. Our solderable coatings which are produced using Coursen's sputtered process allow glass to be soldered to metal for military, aerospace and other applications.

We are proud to be working with leading manufacturers to upgrade their existing products and would like the opportunity to offer our world leading coating technology to your company.