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Founded in 1960 by four electronics engineers, Universal Voltronics is one of the original pioneers in high voltage design, with more than forty years of experience in every form of high voltage application from huge military radar test-source power supplies, to X-ray systems large and small, to compact power supplies and power packs for portable testing applications. Originally a government research facility and defense contractor, UVC has made major contributions to technologies as diverse as CAT-Scan systems and Star Wars defense devices. Large-format UVC high-voltage power supplies are still in use in virtually every national laboratory and many major research centers.

In 1998, UVC was purchased by an experienced group of high-tech investors, and retooled by a new management team into a more entrepreneurial configuration. Hence UVC offers a unique combination: proven and reliable designs, but with a highly innovative approach to design and manufacturing that improves time-to-market dramatically.

Currently, UVC manufactures high-voltage power products ranging in power from 20 watts to 200 kilowatts, including supplies engineered for the X-ray, laser, e-beam electrostatic, instrumentation, and general-purpose markets.