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Nuphoton Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers with applications covering industrial, defense, aerospace, biomedical, telecommunications and research areas.

At Nuphoton, our mission is to be a leading engineering technology company by providing our customers with the highest quality opto mechanical, electrical manufacturing and process engineering across a range of industries that match our core areas of expertise.

Since 1996 Nuphoton Technologies has been using proprietary, leading-edge technology to manufacture products used in fiber laser, fiber optic communications and sensors. Its current product line includes a broad spectrum of Erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs), Erbium doped fiber-based amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) sources and high-power laser sources, ps and fs lasers.
Nuphoton serves a diverse customer base in the aerospace, industrial, medical, telecom and Instrumentation Industries.

At Nuphoton, we recognize that a properly performed Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis will have significant impact to the success and profitability of any project. Hence most of the decisions are made in the design phase and not at production. Through DFM practices, we produce products at low cost and high reliability with less time-consuming test regimes. Our philosophy to build in quality, rather than test in quality, eliminates defects, improves process efficiency via monitoring Critical to Quality (CTQ) and Critical to Function (CTF) parameters.

Nuphoton Technologies is dedicated to the philosophy of growth by maintaining high standards of innovation, product quality, customer satisfaction, and employee involvement.