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Quality. Precision. Reliability. For more than 45 years, Sutter Instrument has set the highest possible standards for performance and innovation. Our engineering team’s extensive expertise in optical system design and motor control as well as a seasoned understanding of customer applications has allowed us to design and build robust and versatile products to serve the tremendous growth in imaging.

Product lines include optical beam combiners (the patented Lambda OBC and Lambda 421), light sources (LED, Xenon and plasma), the MOM 2-photon moveable objective microscope, the flexible BOB open-platform upright microscope, the SmartShutter®, a full-featured controllable shutter, filter wheels and controllers.

Our expertise in electromechanical engineering and stepper-motor control is evident in the sub-micron resolution of our highly stable motorized and mechanical X-Y translators, stages and micromanipulators. Innovations in puller design include sophisticated velocity sensing circuitry to maximize reproducibility, making the laser-based P-2000 the premier NSOM fiber tip puller.

Parts are precision CNC machined in-house and each instrument is manufactured on-site with strict quality control and a rigorous electronic and/or mechanical testing protocol, giving us complete control from start to finish. Customization is available to meet your specific needs or requirements.