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Boulder Imaging's Intelligent Machine Vision Solutions
Boulder Imaging Inc. is the leading provider of surface defect inspection solutions; in-line, non-contact, optical coordinate measuring machines; and high-speed digital video recording systems. For over 17 years we have developed and manufactured the fastest, most reliable, most flexible, and most accurate machine vision and high-performance digital video recording systems available. Our Vision Inspector™ Intelligent Machine Vision systems are used by Fortune 500 companies, and military and government organizations to optimize quality, drive down costs, and measurably improve efficiency.

Vision Inspector™ systems provide you with the most powerful, accurate, reliable, and flexible machine vision and high performance digital video recording systems available.

¦Vision Inspector Benchmark is a vision-based, non-contact coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for in-line (or off-line) micron-accurate measurement of cylindrical and flat parts.
¦Vision Inspector Beacon provides accurate, repeatable, and reliable surface defect detection for precision parts (metal, plastic, glass, rubber, etc.), web materials (paper and other printed materials), coated surfaces (including Hegman gauge analysis), and coatings (such as paint, ink, film, etc.).
¦Vision Inspector Premier combines all the functions and features of our Benchmark CMM and our Beacon surface defect detection systems in a single platform.
¦Vision Inspector Guardian is a multiple camera, high speed, high definition video recording system to monitor your high speed manufacturing processes and machinery which identifies and records any anomalies for in-depth analysis of failure.
¦Vision Inspector Quazar is the world’s leading high performance digital video recording (HPDVR)™ system. Quazar simultaneously records from multiple cameras of any input type, with guaranteed zero data loss.
Advantages of Vision Inspector Systems:
¦Measurable improvement in inspection accuracy and speed.
¦Reliability at production line speeds.
¦In-line or off-line micron-level parts measurement and surface defect detection.
¦Ease of set up and use. Vision Inspector has set a new standard for user interface design.
¦The industry’s highest image data capture rate and real-time analysis capability.
¦Precise surface defect and anomaly detection for metal, glass, plastic, rubber, web materials (e.g. paper), films, coatings, steel, aluminum, and components such as labels and barcodes – all in real-time at any line speed.
¦Near or complete elimination of false positives.
¦Integration of multiple inspections in a single inspection point on the line.