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Lumina Power designs and manufactures laser and electro-optic power supplies for medical and industrial applications. We offer the most complete line of laser diode drivers from 50 to 6000 watts, with output currents to 300amps. The capacitor charging power supply products range from 500j/sec to 6000j/s in single and 3 phase versions. The XLB & MLB series power supplies ignite and operate xenon and mercury short -arc lamps from 50 to 7000 watts. Contact

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LDD High Power Laser Diode Drivers

LDD High Power Laser Diode Drivers

The LDD series high power laser diode driver is a new family of OEM laser diode driver designed for the emerging high power laser diode industry. The LDD series high power diode laser driver is ideal for high power applications where economy is important and performance cannot be compromised. Compact size is possible due to the low-loss Zero Voltage Switching inverter and incorporation of planar magnetics. The LDD is virtually wire free. read more