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PHOT-WEST - E - 2015
Sydor Instruments LLC #600
291 Millstead Way, Rochester, NY, 14624 USA
+1 585 278 1168; fax +1 585 278 1169;
Featured Product: Streak/Imaging Systems, Intensifiers, Pockels, Detectors, Electronics and Integration Services

Sydor Instruments provides diagnostics, electro-optic imaging solutions/components, and femtosecond class timing/drivers. Applications range from ballistics capture, fluorescence to fusion reactions. Products include streak cameras, intensified imaging systems, single photon detectors, pockels cells and electronics that enable ultra fast optical signal detection, discrimination and analysis. North American distributor/applications partner for Photek, Kentech and FastPulse (Lasermetrics). Contact:

Chuck McFee, Vice President Sales,;
Ashley Ernesti-Jadwin, Applications Engineer,
Dan Rao - 585-278-1168, Sydor Instruments

R- Sydor Technologies provides custom, comprehensive solutions for high-speed imaging and diagnostics. Whether detecting a single photon, measuring and gating light levels on the order of hundreds of photons, or acquiring images on the fastest timescales—we offer the best in state-of-the-art streak cameras, X-ray beam monitors, X-ray detector technology, image intensifiers, photomultipliers, and more

Michael Pavia President & CEO, Sydor Technologies, LLC Rochester, New York AreaElectrical/Electronic Manufacturing
??????? Sydor Optics -- not the same but somehow related

Michael Naselaris. General Manager at Sydor Optics -- contacts -

Switched lead from - Sydor Instruments, LLC to Sydor Optics (sister company) - @ 585-271-7300 - this is where carol is

Run by founder's son-James(JIM) Sydor

***** Sydor Optics' mission is to fabricate and supply precision flat-surfaced, parallel and wedged optics to our customers and to grow our company through continuous improvements. ******

Products - Precision, flat-surfaced, parallel and wedged optics
Colored Glass Filters
Debris Shields
Grating substrates
Light pipes
Light-weighted substrates
MEMS substrates
Optical Flats
Plate Beamsplitters