Larsen Equipment Design

1117 NW 52nd St
Seattle, WA 98107
United States of America
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Larsen Equipment Design has developed the finest line of lens manufacturing equipment in the industry since 1981. Our combined focus on equipment and processes make us uniquely qualified to offer equipment solutions as well as process consultation.
If you are intent on improving your bottom-line through better production processes, there is no better resource than Larsen Equipment Design.

Radial Arm Polishers
Larsen's unique Bridge Technology increases precision and production for polishing concave, convex and asphearic surfaces. Available in six, two or single spindle models for 1- 80 mm diameters.

Lateral Arm Polishers
Optimize simplicity of operation and maintenance with triple-sealed spindles and adjusting, self-correcting polishing heads for 1-30mm diameters.

Bladder Polishers for free-form optics.
Single and double bladder polishers available for 5 mm -80 mm diameters.

Beveling Units
Whether built-in or freestanding, these units are smooth, reliable and provide easy and comfortable operation for extended periods.

Lap Warmers
Very safe, very durable and very easy to control with direct-reading thermometer and steady state temperature control.

Thickness Gauges
Combine easy handling with stability and eliminate scratch problems associated with other gauges.