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Lightelli Corporation specializes in cutting-edge super-high bandwidth optical network technology and products. Lightellis LTV product line includes ultra-broadband optical and wireless streaming-media network systems and modules, such as HDTV/IPTV system, video distance medicine system, high definition remote surveillance system, high definition video conference, interactive distance v-learning system, IP/DWDM system, and CWDM/DWDM wavelength conversion modules. Our services include system design, software development, system integration, and technical support.
Lightelli's IP/WDM system makes use of the most advanced optical network technology to deliver a new generation of large scale interactive streaming media services at 10 times lower cost than any other solution in the market.
Lightelli's IPTV network technology can provide a new generation of large scale streaming media services with unprecedented video quality at a fraction of the cost compared with existing network technology. With the same network construction cost, our LTV system can provide 10-100 times more effective bandwidth compared with existing broadband networks, thereby completely eliminating the bottleneck in large scale streaming media transport.
Lightelli's LTV technology is being used in systems like video conference, video phone, remote surveillance, distance v-learning, HDTV, VOD, and IPTV, providing end-users a completely new and exciting interactive multimedia experience. The LTV technology can satisfy all of the next-generation multimedia communication requirements.