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art photonics GmbH

art photonics GmbH

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Contact: Michael Mirakyan
Rudower Chaussee 46
Berlin, Germany
art photonics GmbH was started in Berlin in June 1998, but with accumulated 25 years experience in fiber-optic technologies focused on specialty fiber cables designed for high laser power delivery and on unique fiber probes for remote spectroscopy and fiber sensing in very broad spectral range - from 200nm in UV to 18m in Mid IR.

All Silica fibers of a broad range of diameters and NA are produced with a variety of polymer coatings: Halogen-Free, Acrylate, Nylon, Tefzel, Polyimide, PVC, or coated by Aluminium or Copper jacket - to enable high temperature (up to 600C) and harsh environments exploitation. Specialty Fibers and Photonic Crystal Fibers are assembled with High Power connectors of innovative design for high laser power delivery from diode laser modules and for high power industrial and medical lasers.

Fiber probes & coherent fiber bundles provides optimal solution for remote process spectroscopy in the broadest range of spectra 0.2-18m range - when assembled with Silica, Chalcogenide (CIR-) Fibers & Polycrystalline InfraRed (PIR-) Fibers® . PIR-fibers are the best for process-spectroscopy & molecular analysis of liquids, gases and tissue in "IR-fingerprint" range of 4-18m and for flexible IR-imaging systems sensitive in 200-500K range.

art photonics GmbH is the world's leader in development of single mode IR-fibers for 4-18m range - required for aerospace applications, - and it participates in a variety of EU projects on innovative fiber system development. Commercial supply of standard and customized fiber products from A.R.T. Photonics GmbH well serve the growing need of analytical, medical, industrial and scientific markets.

PIR- & CIR-fiber pig-tailing of IR-detectors & IR-emitters opens a new horizon in their cost effective & flexible applications.

Product Showcase

Fiber Optic ATR-Probes

Fiber Optic ATR-Probes

Fiber Optic ATR-Probes
•High throughput in any part of Near & Mid InfraRed-spectrum
•ATR-tip shaped for immersion in liquid fl ow without dead zone
•Flexible and robust for industrial applications in harsh environment•Compatible with all spectrometers and automated process-interfaces
FlexiSpec® product line from art photonics is the latest generation of Attenuated Total Reflection.
Near & Mid IR-fiber ATR-Probes produced for any type of FT-NIR, FT-IR and other IR-spectrometers, photometers and IR-LED or QCL spectral sensors.
ATR immersion fiber optic probes with patented design are suitable for reaction monitoring in lab, pilot plant and for full automated process control.

•Reaction Monitoring in real time
•Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
•Remote Polymerization Control
•Crystallization Process Screening
•In-situ IR-Spectroscopy for PAT in Chemical, Petrochemical, Atomic, Biopharmaceutical & Food Industry
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