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Since 1989, Stanford Computer Optics is pioneering and manufacturing intensified CCD camera systems. The ICCD cameras are suitable to low light measurements down to a single photon and capture events occurring within on billionth of a second. With the experience of 20 years Stanford Computer Optics offers the fastest ultra high speed ICCD cameras with a shutter time of down to 200 picoseconds.

The products from Stanford Computer Optics cover the complete range of intensified imaging. The image intensifier module, Quantum Leap, is designed to use it with any other camera on the market. The ICCD cameras, 4 Quik and 4 Picos have gating times down to the nanosecond and picosecond regime respectively. Furthermore, Stanford Computer Optics offering time-resolving spectrometer solutions and ultra high speed framing cameras.

All products from Stanford Computer Optics can be controlled with the highly sophisticated 4Spec software. The cameras are ready to use and provide with its compact design a excellent solution for all kinds of highly scientific applications. Our ICCD cameras are globally used by highly respected organizations in a large variety of different applications.