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Since 1979, Fiberoptic Engineering Corporation has specialized in manufacturing compound glass fiber optics, utilized in the Industrial, Military & Research fields. We incorporate fused silica, plastic and side emitting plastic fiber optics to suit our customers’ requirements. We also manufacture Illuminators for inspection, illumination and machine vision applications. A whole new series of custom high output linear arrays and assemblies are now available in high-transmission plastic fibers made possible by our “Mark 3” Halide illuminator. Custom fiberoptic light guides are available as well as our “standard” assemblies.

Check out our catalogue page:

•Fiber Optic Cables Assemblies (up to 30 feet)
•Fiber Optic Cables specifically for Photoelectric Applications.
•Volume Producers of Fiber Optic "Scanners" in Glass & Plastic
•Glass Fibers made with premium Core Materials from Schott Optical
•Fiber Optic Adapter Cables
•Large standard parts inventory
•2-Ten Foot diameter glass drawing wheels (shown at left)
•Large volume automatic polishing machines
•Plastic fiber scanners available with standard metric tips
•Same configurations in glass to give controls flexibility of design i.e., High Temperature, Randomization

ILLUMINATORS •Illuminates a 1" diameter bundle or 1000+.03 diameter plastic fibers
•Halide Bulb with 5000 hour life and 5000K Color Temp, daylight film compatible
•Designed to illuminate long light bars, "web" illumination, "super" Ring lights for photography-machine vision, Microscopes, Optical Comparator Retrofits with our plastic fiber

MARK 2 ?Conventional Halogen Illuminator
?Easy & Quick bulb Change
?"Lock Box"Option
?IBM supplier approved design
?High power-200 Hour bulb life

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