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Cylinder Optics, Inc.

Cylinder Optics, Inc.

Phone 816-862-6253
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Contact: Jennifer Stanton
VP of Operations
310 Main St.
PO Box 257
Garden City, MO 64747 United States of America
Cylinder Optics, Inc. was established in 1980 to provide the optics industry with low cost, high quality, cylindrical optics. Cylinder Optics, inc. supplies lenses & mirrors to engineers and scientists in aerospace, education, government, commercial, and industrial market segments throughout the USA and to multi-national companies worldwide.

Cylinder Optics, Inc. was founded by Tom Johnson, an industry-known master optician who had been producing cylindrical optics for Perkin Elmer s Applied Optics Division, Melles Griot and Kaiser Electro Optics since 1964. Tom retired in 2009 and Jay McClintock is now the current owner and operator of Cylinder Optics, Inc., but Tom still visits us every Thursday for lunch as he will always be a part of the company. Jay s goal is also to produce the highest quality, low cost cylindrical and toroidal optics.

Cylinder Optics, Inc. manufactures custom precision cylindrical and toroidal optics used for a variety of demanding applications. These include code scanning, holography, optical information processing and computing, health imaging, spectographing, laser projection and the illumination of slits or linear detector arrays.

Cylinder Optics, Inc. fabricates standard shapes of lenses & mirrors in rectangular, square and round configurations. With the addition of our CNC capabilities, we can now offer truncated diameter parts as well as cylindrical lenses integrated into a glass mold to eliminate the use of metal or aluminum fixturing. Cylindrical and Toroidal optics are available in plano-convex, plano-concave, bi-convex, bi-concave and concave-convex shapes.
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