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GTAT’s Advanced Materials Group (AMG) is the developer of the Heat Exchange Method, (HEM), of crystal growth. AMG produces HEM sapphire, HEM Ti:Sapphire and HEM YAG crystals. The group has relentlessly increased sizes, quality and availability of their premium quality HEM sapphire, Ti:Sapphire and YAG crystals for optic and laser applications. AMG offers the choice of fine ground sapphire parts through to super-polished sapphire windows and sapphire optics. Their consistent focus on innovating new crystal growth solutions has resulted in the delivery of state-of-the-art 22” diameter sapphire aerospace windows that achieve 1/20th wave front performance, and 220 mm diameter Ti:Sapphire amplifier crystals that form the heart of today’s high intensity laser platforms. These complex applications require a crystal provider that understands the science of single crystals, the optical manufacturing process and the methods of testing and ensuring final fit, form and function. The Advanced Manufacturing Group has developed the equipment, process, quality system and culture to support extreme-precision optics.
The Advanced Materials Group operates their manufacturing facilities in Salem, Massachusetts overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The AMG group was formerly known as Crystal Systems Inc. and many of the current team members have been together for more than 15 years. The group utilizes their deep experience in material science and optics manufacturing to design and manage the processes that yield our high-quality HEM optics. The internal sapphire grading system at AMG has been in use for over 20 years and ensures the appropriate HEM material is used on every individual job so the that the customer’s unique specifications and requirements are always satisfied. The Advanced Materials Group is here to help you realize all of the amazing attributes that Sapphire, Ti:Sapphire and YAG crystals offer.