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Silex Microsystems is a dedicated manufacturing partner providing state-of-the-art complete MEMS manufacturing capability in its two wafer fabs (6" & 8"). Silex also has the capability to reformulate a customers product concept to incorporate advanced standardized MEMS processing technology for wafer level packaging and through silicon wafer interconnect. World leading MEMS expertise enables fast prototyping and with its two fully equipped MEMS fabs, Silex has the capacity to produce volumes of several 100,000 wafers per year. Our well developed QA systems include full electronic wafer tracking and our production system integrates seamlessly with minitab 15 for statistical process control (SPC). We are opening up our brand new state of the art 8" fab for high volume customers in Q2 2009 as we also continue servicing our customers using our 6" wafer fab.

Magnus Rimskog
Sales Director North America
Tel: +1 781 690 1955

Jeff Clark
Area Sales Manager
Tel: +1 617 834 7197