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INO is the largest Canadian Contract R&D Company with a complete range of integrated services in all fields of optics/photonics.

INO is home to the largest concentration of skills in the field and serves clients of all sizes and of all descriptions in every field of industrial activity from all parts of Canada and around the world. It also possesses a variety of technologies and innovative processes based on a strong IP portfolio. These assets could represent unique business opportunities for companies wishing to commercialize them.

Our people are our most valuable asset

INO has 225 employees, 80% of whom possess high level scientific and technical training: physicists, optical designers, electronics, mechanical, electrical engineers, production/quality engineers, programmers, technologists, machinists and specialized technical assistants. They are recognized for the innovative and profitable solutions they provide our clients.

A partner on your projects

With its highly specialized units centered around client needs, INO works hand in hand with you, to provide the interdisciplinary expertise and added value you need. This work process allows for quick innovative solutions.

Complete, integrated services

What makes the real difference at INO are the complete, integrated services we offer entrepreneurs and industrial clients, including consulting; design; module, product and system development; process development, prototyping, preproduction, short runs.

A wide range of expertise

INO excels in many specialized fields of optics and photonics: biophotonics, bolometers and IR modules, 3D sensors, fiber sensors, optical design, beam shaping, specialty fiber optics, lasers, fiber lasers, vision systems, MEMS/MOEMS, laser micromachining, lidar and remote sensing, space and astronomical instrumentation, and applied spectroscopy.

Specialized laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment

INOs infrastructures are grouped into a single 189,500 sq. ft. building. Our professionals work in a highly specialized environment that includes a Class 2 biology lab, an environmental analysis lab, a lead-free electronics design and manufacturing lab, short run production labs, and sophisticated equipment, as well as highly advanced class 100, 1000, and 10000 clean rooms-all under the same roof.

Trailblazers in the field

From the very beginning in 1988, INO was a pioneer in optics/photonics research for industrial development purposes. Today INO is still Canadas leading center for industrial research and commercialization and stands as a true leader in its field. Its many technological breakthroughs and innovative processes and applications combining optics and photonics have cemented its reputation both domestically and abroad.