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Since it’s inception in 1993, Nanometer Technologies has developed and produced a line of innovative products including a complete line of fiber optic polishers starting with the industries first patented figure 8 polisher.

The last couple of years has been spent developing a complete automated fiber inspection station (AFiS). These automated inspection systems have been patented as well.

Nanometer Technologies vision is towards the future and it’s customers, our goal is to provide the industry with innovative and cost reducing products for the long term.

Product Showcase



Introducing the ACP24
Automated Polisher with Touchscreen Technology
With the ACP24 you can now automate polishing
times, pressure, & motor speeds for each step.
Complete polishing procedures are stored inside of the
ACP24 to save time and ensure repeatability and built in ASR unit.
Automate fiber stub removal with the ASR system available only
from Nanometer Technologies. This is the only automated fiber
stub removal on the market today. The ASR is integraded with the
ACP 24 and includes built-in pre-programmed processes.
• Save time and money by removing multiple fiber stubs at once
• No more removing stubs one at a time by hand
• Works with existing Nanometer Tech Fixture Plates
• Patent Pending
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