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•We only offer diode lasers, diode and lamp pumped lasers, and fiber lasers. No laser systems.
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Chuck Ratermann President at RPMC Lasers, Inc. Greater St. Louis AreaElectrical
Dean Micke 222 VP at RPMC Lasers Inc - Greater St. Louis AreaSemiconductors
Tom Pallett 228 Sales Director at RPMC lasers
Clint Miller 229 Product Manager at RPMC Lasers Inc Saint Peters, MissouriMarketing
Al Anthony 225 Sales Manager at RPMC Lasers Inc

RPMC represents manufacturers of laser products, and is a provider of value-added laser products.

Since 1996, RPMC has been offering high quality, high power laser diode products. In recent years, we have added nanosecond, picosecond, and CW solid state lasers. Most of what we offer is novel compared to what is commonly available in the market. For example: with laser diodes we offer nearly 100 wavelengths from 620 nm to >2.4 um. And in solid state lasers, we offer some of the newest and most efficient designs available, as well as custom solid state designs.

Since customer satisfaction has always been our main objective, we represent laser firms that share that same commitment to the customer.