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Cube Optics is a leading provider for passive and active fiber-optical components, modules, systems and turn-key fiber-optical transport solutions. Our component portfolio covers all types of passive components such as fused couplers, PLC splitters, fiber-optic switches, connectors and adapters with the main focus on optical wavelengths division multiplexers, from Wideband (WWDM), over Coarse (CWDM) and Dense (DWDM) to LAN WDM and proprietary, customized grids. Those are completed by the active counterparts, (de-)multiplexers with integrated active elements such as lasers or detectors forming multi-lambda Reciever and Transmitter Optical Sub-Assemblies (ROSAs / TOSAs).

Thanks to our vertical integration we as well provide carrier-grade, simple and low-cost fiber-optic transport solutions based on our own components to network operators and carriers. Our offer ranges from pluggable transceivers (GBIC, SFP, XFP, SFP+, X2, CFP etc), passive as well as active transport systems to providing consultancy on network design, installation and services. We are equipping data centers, FTTx, metro access or core networks to long-haul and WAN with media conversion, protection, reach extension, amplification and repeating functionalities.