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We are a manufacturer of electronics for use in scientific and industrial applications requiring high performance and reliability. Producing a wide range of products from preamplifiers for PMT's and electron multipliers, to high voltage power supplies , counters and timers, precision rate meters, and computer interfaces, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is paramount to us.

Advanced Research Instruments is also the home of AutoSEM 1, a pc-based image analyzer for SEMs (Scanning Electron Microscope) that performs live, automatic, interactive image and x-ray analysis. Of vital importance to ARI is to be able to provide the highest level of value to our customers. The most competitively priced, yet state of the art system, AutoSEM 1 provides the highest resolution, simultaneous image analysis and image/x-ray analysis, as well as automatic, unattended analysis of many fields, image enhancement, archiving, histograms and reports. For more detailed information on AutoSEM 1, visit both the products and technical data sections of our site.

We also provide specialized services including image analysis and enhancement, as well as airborne particle, gun shot residue, and solid water pollutant analysis. For more information on the analysis services that we provide, please visit our Special Services page.