Teledyne Judson Technologies

221 Commerce Drive
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
United States
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Teledyne Judson Technologies (TJT) is the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of infrared detectors.

TJT offers detectors in the NIR, SWIR, & LWIR wavelength band for a wide variety of gas sensing, temperature monitoring, and laser power monitoring applications for commercial, military and space markets.
Specializing in Ge, InGaAs, X-InGaAs, InAs, PbS, PbSe, InSb, and HgCdTe (PC and PV) infrared detector material, our detector offerings encompass standard and custom single and multi-element arrays with integrated thermoelectric cooling filters and lenses. TJT also provides InGaAs and MCT two-dimensional focal plane arrays integrated to dewars and coolers.