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Fermionics Opto-Technology
InGaAs Detectors, arrays, and optical receivers

Fermionics Opto-Technology offers InGaAs photodiodes with active diameters ranging from 30 m to 5 mm. Unique InGaAs products include a miniature pigtail package with 5 GHz bandwidth, a 16-bit high speed digital array for parallel multichannel interconnection networks, and super-high shunt resistance devices (Rshunt>100 MOhm for 2 mm and 3 mm diameters). Fermionics Opto-Technology's new FRL1500 Optical Receiver integrates a low noise high bandwidth GaAs transimpedance amplifier with a high speed InGaAs photodiode in a compact TO-style package with fiber pigtail.

In addition to an extensive line of standard detector products, Fermionics Opto-Technology offers custom chip design and fabrication, custom arrays, and custom packaging.