Applied Image Inc.

1653 E Main St.
Rochester, NY 14609
United States of America

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Applied Image has become a world leader in the field of Custom OPTO-IMAGED components and Standard Calibration Tools. We achieved this distinction with a wide range of capabilities and many years of experience. This is showcased in our standard "Off-the-Shelf" catalog product lines, which includes, ISO Test Targets, Sinusoidal Patterns (Sine Patterns), Ronchi Gratings, Quality Assurance Charts, Certified Bar Code Standards, Reticles, Image Analysis Standards, Linear Stage Micrometers, Gray Scales / Density Wedges and Robotic & Vision Calibration Standards on high-resolution photographic paper & film, and a variety of glass, opal & ceramic substrate materials. APPLIED also provides Custom Manufacturing and Assembly Services, from simple mounting to multi-faceted components; Custom Spherical/Ball Lenses and Mask Making Services. The vast selection of standard products addresses today's needs of the Optical, Imaging, Microscopy, Vision and Robotic, Barcode, Medical Imaging, Scanning, Photonics and many other industries now and into the future. APPLIED IMAGE is where image concepts become reality.