Northrop Grumman

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McLean, VA 22102
United States of America

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As a trusted partner, the company develops systems and solutions that deliver timely, enabling information where it is needed most for its military, intelligence, federal, state and local government, and commercial customers.

Our systems are used in large-scale enterprises that serve numerous constituencies: commanders who manage far-flung forces via global command, control and communications systems; police and firefighters who will access high-speed data and video over a new broadband wireless network; battlefield commanders who use a tactical Internet to lead their troops; Department of Homeland Security staffers who rely on their classified network infrastructure; intelligence analysts who rely on their systems to get actionable information into the right hands at the right time; missile defense analysts who model and simulate scenarios at the Joint National Integration Center; states, counties and cities who rely on the management of their information infrastructures to deliver responsive services to their citizens; and businesses that adopt new software solutions to make their enterprise processes run more smoothly and efficiently.

Our information systems expertise is matched by our base operations and infrastructure support, training and simulation, and sustainment and logistics capabilities. Northrop Grumman develops, fields, maintains and modernizes products and infrastructures worldwide. The company manages the infrastructure for Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Station, and at the Nevada Test Site, the nations most important nuclear weapons testing facility. We are teamed with the U.S. Army to train its senior leaders with highly realistic and challenging training based on lessons learned from front-line warfighters. Our performance-based logistics and supply chain management capabilities are integral to the upkeep, modernization and improvement of a wide range of military fighter, transport, tanker and surveillance aircraft and unmanned aerial systems.