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Lasermet Inc – (Schaumburg, Illinois)
Lasermet Inc is one of the leading providers of certified laser safety equipment and services throughout the US and beyond. All of Lasermet’s laser safety products conform to the relevant laser safety standards IEC 60825 “Safety of Laser Products” – accepted by the US Laser Safety Standard ANSI Z136.1 “Safe use of Lasers: Laser Institute of America”

Lasermet designs and manufactures its own laser safety products and provides services such as laser safety consultancy, laser safety training
and the calibration of laser power meters, laser testing and even laser report submissions to the FDA to enable importation of lasers to the US.

Lasermet makes laser blocking curtains,laser safety screens, laser blocking roller blinds, laser Laser interlock controllers, laser shutters and laser safety cabins.

To ensure compliance with the relevant standards, Lasermet installs and commissions its laser safety interlocks and laser safety cabin systems providing certificates of conformance on completion.

Lasermet’s long standing experience enables it to integrate failsafe laser safety systems for labs, research institutions, hospitals and manufacturing facilities.

The company continues to develop new products in its R&D facility. This includes the patented, failsafe active laser guarding system Laser Jailer, which prevents high energy laser radiation from escaping the laser cabin. This failsafe, modular active laser guarding system monitors the cabin interior and isolates the laser safety input in less than 50ms, thereby preventing the escape of laser radiation.

Having installed thousands of laser safety systems and related equipment worldwide Lasermet can provide everything needed regarding laser safety and laser protection. Typical installations range from aerospace, scientific industries and manufacturing companies – especially those using laser welding, laser cladding or laser cutting where active laser guarding is often selected with cabins.

Lasermet also provides laser safety calculation software, LaserSafe PC, to enable customers to ascertain the MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure) levels and AEL (Accessible Emission Limit) and many other calculations including the NOHD (Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance).

Lasermet’s laser safety installations include illuminated laser warning signs. These are highly professional LED signs available in a range of colors and types. There is a choice of low voltage 24VDC, single-message single-color, or dual-message dual-color LED signs.

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