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LightMachinery is dedicated to producing the world's finest lasers, optical components and optical process machinery. LightMachinery specializes in the production of difficult tight tolerance components and equipment that stretches the limits of current technology.

The people at LightMachinery are veterans of the laser and optics world. Each individual typically brings more than 20 years of experience in the areas of optical design, high power lasers, optical fabrication, laser systems, metrology, thin film coatings and custom machinery fabrication. We have produced components and equipment for customers throughout the world involved in space science, telecommunications, semiconductor, high power lasers, academic research, nondestructive testing, biophotonics, electronics, pharmaceutical manufacturing and materials processing.


LightMachinery's new facility provides an excellent infrastructure that allows our team to focus on innovative process development.

Optical Manufacturing

Our clean bright optical manufacturing facility is capable of producing the highest quality lasers and optical components available. We take pride in working closely with our customers and pushing the limits of optical manufacturing science. Our developments in computer controlled fluid jet polishing are setting a new standard for optical manufacturing. For more information about LightMachinery's optical manufacturing capabilities do not hesitate to Contact us .


Our Excimer and CO2 pulsed gas lasers are legendary performers in industry and academic R&D. LightMachinery is the world's leading manufacturer of TEA CO2 lasers. Our laser team has been designing carbon dioxide lasers and laser marking and drilling systems for over 20 years. Our high power Excimer lasers offer an unrivalled combination of performance and value. Our knowledge of laser applications and laser system design enables us to process industrial and scientific samples and determine the best laser parameters and optical set up for any application. The people at LightMachinery have worked on countless laser applications including; printed circuit board drilling, beer bottle marking, pill and tablet drilling, gelcap marking, UV and IR spectroscopy and laser plasma ultrasound. For more information about LightMachinery's laser applications capabilities do not hesitate to Contact us .


The founders of LightMachinery have worked together for almost their entire careers. Many of the people at LightMachinery started out at Lumonics in Kanata, Ontario designing and manufacturing high power CO2 and excimer laser systems. Another group of our team comes from a company originally known as Interoptics, founded by Jeff Wimperis, one of the founders of LightMachinery. Interoptics was later purchased by Lumonics and renamed WavePrecision. Wave Precision was a renowned optical components manufacturer that was a key supplier to GSI Lumonics and JDS Uniphase as well as a key contributor to scientific and aerospace projects. In 2009 LightMachinery acquired the pulsed gas laser product lines of GSI Lumonics.