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Piezosystem Jena is a worldwide supplier of high precision positioning equipment. Our piezoelectric ceramic based actuating systems are mainly used for the micro and nanopositioning for highly accurate movement of optical devices and optical components. Reliability and excellent performance are the key factors for using piezoelectric positioning equipment.

Applications, among others include:
- Microscopy
- Semiconductor Industry
- Laser Technology
- Automation
- Life and Material Science

Product Range:
- Piezostages: Linear Stages, Multiaxis-Positioners, Mirror Tip- / Tilting Platforms, ...
- Piezocomposite Actuators for High Dynamic Applications and Shock Wave Excitation
- Long Travel / Motion Control: Linear Stages, Rotary Stages, Goniometers
- Electronic Controllers: Analog or Digital, High Power Controller
- Fiberswitchers, Multiplexer