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Domaille Engineering is the global leader and equipment provider used in epoxy curing, laser cleaving, polishing and inspection of precision optical fiber connectors.

From our world renowned APM-HDC-5300 polishing machine to our patented MT EZ AbraSave® fixtures, Domaille Engineering equipment provides the highest yields and throughput in the fiber optic industry.

The Domaille APM-HDC-5300 polishing machine interface allows user to program a soft ramp of pressure and speed. This feature along with accurate force, speed, and time enables customers to consistently meet the most demanding fiber optic polishing specifications.

Our patented AbraSave® fixture line utilizes Unique Path Technology which reduces polishing time and polishing film costs. The AbraSave® technology delivers the greatest consistent fiber protrusion for the best polishing results in the fiber optic industry.

The OptiSaber™ laser cleaver is a Domaille solution addressing process variation associated with cracking typical of mechanical cleaving process. Our patent pending MT adapter allows users to cleave both UPC and APC ferrules with a couple simple adjustments.

Domaille Engineering proudly offers our OptiSpec® product line of fiber optic microscopes. Our OptiSpec® microscope line offers customers high quality production fiber optic inspection capabilities for both production and laboratory settings.