EMERALD SERVO MOTORS from Industrial Indexing Systems, Inc.

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The Emerald Series motion controllers, servo motors and servo drives use the latest servo technology to bring cost effective solutions to the automation market. The wide range of sizes, feature-rich functions, with the industry exclusive three-drives-in-one philosophy make the Emerald Series the most versatile servo in today s automation market. State of the art software minimizes hardware cost while maximizing features and performance.

Flip a DIP switch and the drive is a certified SERCOS drive, flip a DIP switch and the drive is a powerful stand alone 1 1/2 axis automation controller with full programming capability. Click the PC mouse and choose between EPro, an icon based fill in the blanks programming language or EML, a powerful BASIC programming language shared with the IIS Emerald Motion Controller (EMC-2005).

Regarding I/O, two 16 position I/O racks can be connected per Emerald drive. Add an automation controller like the IIS Emerald Multi-Axis Motion Controller to configure the most powerful SERCOS multi-axis servo system available today.

The Emerald drive comes in 6 size ranges, 5, 10, 20, 40 & 60 Arms/phase @ 220 VAC and 50 Arms/phase @ 440 VAC. Emerald servo motors are available from 400W to 25kW, 1500 to 3400 RPM rated speeds with low and medium rotor inertia versions. Choose 16 KHz PWM for maximum performance and silent running or choose 4/8 KHz for maximum power. Detailed information...

Industrial Indexing Systems has been providing complete automation solutions since 1977. We will be happy to put our experience to work on your automation projects.